Scope of Services

Accurate estimating is the foundation of any successful construction business. Until you have control of your estimates, anything that you want to do with our company is mostly wishful thinking. Without accurate estimating, you will lose control of many aspects of the business and will find it hard to generate a reliable revenue stream.

While CMSS/Services can and does work with clients on an individual project basis, the full value and effect of our support can only be realized in the context of an on-going relationship that permits implementation of a ‘parallel management’ approach. For this reason, we prefer to work with a limited number of active developers and residential and commercial builders.


  • Material takeoff and pricing
  • Labor/craft breakout
  • Work breakdown
  • Bid and contract development support


  • RFQ (Request For Quotation) generation and response evaluation
  • Vendor/Sub-contractor price file maintenance
  • Purchase order and work order preparation

Scheduling and Control:

  • Project analysis and master schedule development
  • Project schedule maintenance (updating, resource leveling and re-optimization)
  • Multiple project integration and optimization
  • Project monitoring and control support
  • Purchase order/work order/change order tracking

Financial and Administrative Support:

  • Project budget development, variance analysis
  • Support schedules for draws
  • Cash flow analysis and planning
  • Customer presentation development
  • Custom reporting, including owner status reports

Consulting and Training:

  • Project management concepts and techniques
  • Project personnel selection and training
  • Hardware/software selection and implementation