About Us

CMSS/Services provides a broad range of systems-based administrative support services specifically oriented to the construction community in central Florida. Our package of services and deliverables - custom-tailored and scaled to the requirements of each individual client - can include any combination, scope, and level-of-complexity of materials selection, specifications development, estimating, purchasing, planning, scheduling and related administrative support. In addition to cost-effectiveness, our support processes can be specifically keyed to energy efficiency, healthy living and/or ‘green’ materials criteria.

We use Timberline, Primavera, QuickBooks Pro Contractor, Microsoft Office, Office Perfect and other industry-standard software to ensure consistency, and provide ease of start-up and data exchange with the estimating, planning, scheduling, spreadsheet, word processing and accounting systems, procedures and personnel that many clients already have in place.

In addition to Timberline Precision Estimating Plus, our Timberline suite includes Digitizer Integrator (connected to GTCO Super L II Plus Size E digitizers), Primavera Integrator, and Buyout (Request For Quotation, Purchase Order and Change Order tracking) modules.


  • FOR SMALLER BUILDERS: Eliminate the need for full-time - or even part-time - administrative and technical personnel.
  • FOR LARGER BUILDERS: Supplement skills in existing organization, cover for absences or turnover, or handle overload situations.
  • FOR OUT-OF-STATE CONTRACTORS: Augment central office controls with effective “local” administrative management of Florida-based projects.
  • FOR OWNERS: Gain confidence in your financial plan; access our resources for consultation, inspection and analysis, control and follow-up.
  • FOR ARCHITECTS: Augment home office controls with effective “local” administaive management of Florida-based projects; secure improved access to “local” vendors and subcontrators.
  • FOR DEVELOPERS: Integrated project documentation and control from concept to completion.
    • improved accuracy of material takeoffs
    • capture and control of greater detail and ‘easy to overlook’ items
    • consistent application of conversion and 'usage' factors
    • complete auditability of original takeoffs plus adds/changes/deletes
    • benchmarking for subcontactor bid evaluation
    • improved control and efficiency of the bidding process
    • integration of historical results
    • integration of material requirements and project planning
    • timely, effective routine and “red flag” reporting
    • onsite reviews and consultation
    • in-depth record keeping (including tracking of ‘project iterations’)
    • significantly improved control of all resources - materials, labor/sub-contractors, time and money.